Provision of Full Broking Services to the clients that includes:

  1. We review existing policy wordings with an objective of eliminating gaps in coverage and improving coverage and terms, without dismantling the basic layout of the policy.
  2. We design specific policy wordings menu scripted on a tailor made basis to cover the specific requirements of our clients.
  3. Market / remarket the insurance program to make sure rates / terms are in line with the market.
  4. We prepare bid and tender documents in order to get the best terms from the insurance markets. Once we have received quotations / terms from the market an evaluation is prepared with a focus on ,Cost of Service , The standard of coverage provided and the ability of the insurers to provide the level of service and commitment.
  5. A quantitative and subjective analysis is prepared and two or three of the insurance companies are selected for further discussions about their offers and pricing.
  6. Once this activity is completed a final report is prepared for the client's management with recommendations as with whom the insurance coverage should be placed with.
  7. Once the negotiation process is complete and all the placement of coverage has been given, we review the successful bidder's cover notes to make sure that they comply with the bid procedure. We also check the security indicated by the successful bidder to ensure that this is correct and adequate. Once the policy documents are received we review and approve these before the premium is paid. We provide specific advice on policy coverage highlighting potential impact of policy exclusions, coverage gaps and deductibles.
  8. We prepare Insurance Manuals for our clients that outline the actions to be taken in the various events and triggers for certain actions. The Manual also contains the brief description of each insurance policy including but not limited to limits, synopsis of cover, terms and conditions, deductibles.
  9. Any Changes in the insurance coverage during the course of the insurance year is reviewed and approved by us and we provide ongoing services during the policy period like on billing, assistance and advice on insurance and indemnity language in contracts, advice on change in market trends, Cover ability, adequacy and suitability of the exiting cover in case of acquisitions divestments and new activities.
  10. We assist our clients in the investigation of all losses and claims and the processing and negotiation of all claims as and when it is required.
  11. We provide a dedicated team of professional to our clients that is available to the client at all times for support and facilitation of insurance related matters.
  12. The team assists the client in developing Renewal / market strategies in view of the specific situations of the client for timely and efficient renewals and placements.
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